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Our Philosophy

TransGlobalNet TGN adheres to basic business objectives:

To stay closer to our Clients in order to learn their needs and meet them.
To focus on productivity from our associates.
To know our core business.
To keep a simple and lean staff.

To combine tolerance to those employees who accept those values.
To innovate and activate internet generated network value-added solutions.

TGN Values:

We conduct all business in a truthful and holistic manner.
We listen, anticipate, and exceed client expectations and requirements.
We mentor. educate, and equip employees to succeed.
We improve daily by eliminating activities that distort the sharing of information.
We continuously work to improve employee satisfaction.
We are the best through focus, process development, and continuous improvement.
We assume the responsibility for results.
We do not penalize employees for taking risks by thinking out of the box.
We are profitable by ensuring business growth and leadership in our markets.

TGN Values:

Our Mission

To maintain a win-win collaborative approach with our clients and in so doing to bring innovation, transformation, and prosperity to the planet.

How We Work

An effective strategy is only as good as the impact it can have on your organization. If strategy is unconnected with the reality of a company's operations and market conditions, then it will remain just that - strategy. Our approach is based on the fundamental belief that strategy and implementation go hand-in-hand. Our consulting teams consist of technology experts that have deep experience in both strategy development and implementation from the buy and sell side of global products and services.

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