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TGN Marketing Services

Executive Summary

The Business:

TransGlobalNet LLC (TGN's) Three Pillars of Value

    1.  Management Information Technology Assessment

    2. Product Lifecycle and Supply Chain Management

    3. Asia Pacific Export Controls and Trade Strategies

The Company:

TransGlobalNet TGN is a global management-consulting firm that works with business decision-makers of private small and medium-sized businesses. We help our clients leverage technology to achieve their business objectives by providing a strategic approach, exceptional service, and IT expertise. TGN specializes in increasing the value of our client organizations by generating revenue growth and improving profitability.

Management Team:

The Company's management team has a broad knowledge base of technology and management experiences in all facets of digital technology from engineering, development, marketing, and finance. Our business consultants have backgrounds in information technology, competitive strategy, innovation, intellectual property, non-market strategy, global strategy, organization theory, entrepreneurship, and market institutions.


The Company has projected financials and is profitable. The Company has a projected head count and expense growth supporting the Business Plan.

Consulting Services:

Our information technology consultants and engineers are specially trained to work with you to identify areas where and how technology can help your company operate more efficiently and effectively. They keep up-to-date on the best uses of technology in order to design customized solutions that fit your business, regardless of its size, the depth of its needs or your IT budget. PLUS---- supplies reliable, clear, unbiased aerospace and defense industry Asia-Pacific Regional market analysis and reports.

Offshore IT Professional Services

Offshore Strategy Services:

Offshoring begins with an alignment of the IT strategy to the overall business strategy. The actual offshore journey starts with developing an offshore strategy and an operational plan. A feasibility stage could result in the conducting of a low-risk pilot project. We have been involved in various activities, such as: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), defining the strategic goals of offshoring; assessing the offshore readiness, in order to decide if the organization is really ready for offshore; country selection and identification of potential offshore IT providers; issuing an RFI or RFP, and contract negotiations.

Assisting You in Gaining Success:

TGN has prospered organizations in a broad range of industries including technology, energy, security, government, education, and others. TGN has successfully helped numerous organizations experience significant improvements in revenue and profitability. Through outsourcing portions of your IT functions, you can leverage your IT staff's strengths with a team of individuals who have expertise in all areas of technology and business strategy. Contact us now to see how we can drive results for your organization.

Cultural Training Services:

We give lectures in workshops: (a) Improving the cultural fit when working together. (b) How to win negotiating contracts in Russia, India, and China. (c) How to create the right overseas management assignment solutions. (d) How to navigate the U.S. business market barriers in 90 days.

TGN also helps client firms capitalize on this increased value through corporate development programs that include globalization counsel on export relations, trade strategies, and how to avoid international risk.

Strategic Management:

TGN addresses fundamental problems relating to business strategy formulation and implementation by firms and decision-making by managers. We analyze a firm's response to its environment and competitors, with a focus on innovation.

Partial List of Clients Served

Bridgegate Group, U.S.

Igate (Mastech), India

Patriot antenna Systems (cobham), U.S.
Chaplet Communications, Taiwan
Inset, Russia
Photonics Incorporated, U.S.
China National Aviation Base, China
Intellergy, U.S.
Polaroid Camera, U.S.

Beijing Satellite Conference/Forums

Jian Tools, U.S.
Power Productions, U.S.
Computer Associates, U.S.
Khrunichev, Russia
Primark Marking, U.S.
Datec Corporation, U.S.
LC/S Incorporated, U.S.
Riddell, U.S.
Earthgrid, U.S.
Lockheed Martin, U.S.
Shasta General Systems, U.S.
Entor Corporation, U.S.
Merisel-Channel Service Group, U.S.
Shaeffer Eaton Division of Textron, U.S.
Equitech International, U.S.
Metamor, India

(SERC) Systems Engineering, U.S.

eTech Research, Taiwan
Metricom, U.S.
Tangshan City High Tech Zone, China
Exodus Communications, U.S.
Multimode (LMDS), U.S.
Tata Consulting Services, India
Expert Ease, U.S.
Northrop Grumman, U.S.
WeSoftware, China
Falcon Energy Ventures, Siberia, Russia
NPO Mashinostroenia, Russia
Xian City High Tech Zone, China
Honeywell, Phoenix, Arizona (U.S.)
NWIEE, China
Zenit Optical, Russia
Huawei Technologies, China
Oxford Software, U.S.
Achievo Corporation, U.S.
Hurricane Electric, U.S.
Pacific Magtron, Taiwan
Henco Software, U.S.
Knowledge Surf Software, China
Net Results, U.S.
Kestrel Systems, U.S.