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The Team

The TransGlobalNet team provides the required combination of general management, business start-up, and experience applying advanced systems engineering skills to interdisciplinary problems. The engineering and management skills are combined together with experience in advanced engineering, security platforms, and Business Management Operating Processes

TransGlobalNet founders have the knowledge of sophisticated communications hardware and have applied systems engineering, digital signal processing, communications system management, operations development management, technical management, and from business operations skills to complex wireless frequency transmission techniques and electro-optical systems development. The non-technical Founders bring a depth of general management, international business development, strategic management and new product development.

The Managing Director and Senior Consultants have strong credentials in telecommunications, satellites and information technologies in the developed and emerging markets.

Management Team

Richard Kusiolek, Chairman and President

Richard T. Kusiolek is the Chairman and Managing Director of TransGlobalNet LLC, a Global Management Consultancy. Mr. Kusiolek was an early visionary of space related technologies in Northern California's Silicon Valley, architecting Digital Battlefields, the High Tech Multimedia City, and PowerCom Parks©. Richard gained Hardware/Software systems integration knowledge with Xerox, Honeywell, Computer Associates, and Stanley Works. Professor Kusiolek is a Faculty Instructor with the University of Phoenix, and the California State University System in the Bay Area. In addition, Richard is a technical writer for Via Satellite, Satellite Evolution, RCR, and APSCC magazines. Professor Kusiolek served as the Senior Management Consultant for India's Metamor Corporation, China's Huawei Technologies, China's National Aerospace/Aviation Base, Beijing's Satellite Conferences, and as the General Manager and Director for China's WeSoftware Corporation.

As Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Kusiolek is responsible for the strategic and operational direction of TransGlobalNet TGN®©. As the creator of the Company's relationship and its organization, his vision will guide the plan through to a successful completion. He will oversee the technical definition of the Company's services and products, determine key markets, develop strategic relationships and establish the corporate agenda.

Dr, Eui K. Koh

Dr. Eui K. Koh, Senior Executive Director, founded JB Technologies Private Limited Co. in Singapore, specialized in telecommunications management consulting and strategic planning to new telecommunications companies. He is also serving as President for a new satellite company, ProtoStar Asia to oversee the initial landing to Asia Pacific region from 2007 to present. He was elected to serve APSCC (Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council) as President from 2003 to 2006. The APSCC, www. is a non-profit an international satellite association whose main mission is to promote satellite communications and broadcasting in Asia Pacific region. Prior to this post, Dr Koh was Vice President for Asia Pacific region for New Skies Satellites N.V. (NSS), a global satellite service provider from 1999 to 2003.

Dr. Koh has more than 30 years experience in telecommunications industry. Prior to joining NSS, Dr. Koh was Managing Director, Asia Pacific for Intelsat, a global satellite operator, headquartered in Washington D.C. He was responsible for business development and marketing activities in the region for Intelsat from 1989 to 1999. He represented Intelsat for the region, including Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Australia. Dr Koh joined Intelsat in Washington DC, USA in 1979. Dr. Koh held several senior technical positions in the Engineering Division and played a significant role in the design of future Intelsat satellite systems in the Systems Engineering and Planning Department from 1979 to 1989. In 1990 he moved to Marketing Division from Engineering in Intelsat before moving to Singapore in 1996 to open Intelsat Asia office and served until 1999.

Prior to joining Intelsat, he worked with the American Satellite Corporation and Hughes Network Systems in Germantown, Maryland, where he participated in the digital satellite system design. He also served as an Advisor to the Electronics Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) of Korea on the early system design of KoreaSat. Dr. Koh received his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Seoul, Korea and earned his Master of Science Degree and PhD in Electrical Engineering in U.S.A. Dr. Koh is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He published numerous articles in Satellite Communications field.

Dave Payne Dave Payne, Executive Vice President, is a dedicated futurist and veteran of the high-tech industry, with over 26 years of experience leading teams in the creation, development and operation of advanced systems and networks.

Mr. Payne provides management, business development, and technical leadership to projects and enterprises in the satellite, space, defense, and networking sectors.
Dave serves as the Chief Executive Officer for SkyVault, where he is charged with realizing the enterprise's vision of providing standardized ultra-secure managed distribution of digital content and associated rights to everyone, everywhere . Dave is also the acting CEO of HALO Inc, focused on RFID applications after the point of sale. Additionally, he currently supports ongoing space ventures with technology, business, and architectural consulting services. He conceived of a novel two way security protocol that forms the founding basis for another startup, dedicated to getting users through their digital lives safely, called Pascal's Pocket.
Dave recently led OPNET Technologies' Network Centric Programs and Activities, providing advanced networking solutions to ensure information dominance for the US military. Dave was the Subject Matter Expert for OPNET's space and satellite activities for military, civilian and commercial customers. Dave also evolved cutting edge network analysis and security capabilities for key agencies in the Nation's Intelligence community that have now been certified for operational status. Dave holds the distinction of developing and closing the largest perpetual product placement in OPNET's history.   

During the dot com boom, Dave was the Chief Operating Officer for OnVantage Inc., where he was responsible for business and network operations, sales and marketing, and technology development. Through their strategic partnership with AT&T and Hewlett Packard, OnVantage provided internet access and software services to Fortune 1000 businesses. Dave also held roles as VP of Marketing, VP of Engineering, and VP Corporate Development.
Mr. Payne was also the Chief Architect for Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems responsible for developing the next generation products and services for future telecommunications and space markets. Dave led corporate efforts to articulate and enable a corporate strategy and then marshaled market, regulatory, financial, and technology forces to successfully establish sole source positions with service provider customers. Dave also secured various Geosynchronous satellite and launch programs for the North American market and managed all non-Geosynchronous accounts including the Iridium program with Motorola.
Dave also served in various System Engineering, Business Development and Program Management roles during his many years with TRW (now Northrop Grumman Space Technology), ranging from global network system integration to advanced technology application in the space and transportation sectors. Dave was TRW's representative to the Chief Scientist of Space Command during Operation Desert Storm, supporting early warning of scud launches to Allied Patriot Anti Missile defense systems. Dave also managed TRW's Spacecraft Technology Line of Business, exceeding goals and forecasts each of three years.

Dave is a graduate of UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in System Engineering and Economics. He is married with four children and lives in the Silicon Valley of California, where he enjoys coaching, playing jazz piano, charity web development, and developing youth sports programs.  Dave is a voting Board member and Vice President for the Morgan Hill Youth Sports Alliance (MHYSA), a registered non-profit corporation dedicated to getting more kids in more sports.

Dr. Khaydarov, PhD

Alexander V. Khaydarov, PhD, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Alex works in conjunction with the executive team to find opportunities and risks that TransGlobalNet TGN may face and to facilitate the advancement of the company technologically. The CTO finds the trends of technology that may help TransGlobalNet TGN advance, procure those trends and technologies and implement them in TransGlobalNet’s operations and for our clients. Alex leads the technology department of the company and is an active member of the senior management team.

Alex stays on top of the current trends and up-to-date information of technology in use, emerging technology, technology of the competitors and new technology and practices for TransGlobalnet TGN and for our clients. Alex shares his knowledge with investors and other executives to better focus the company on its technological visions. Alex has superb communication skills for both oral and written communication. He is a strong leader with interpersonal skills that allow him to work with others. Alex has many years of experience in negotiations and management as well as being able to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Alex has a proven track record of excelling in digital and IP based systems, computer technology, management and leadership.

Chief Technical Officer, Alexander Bordetsky, Ph.D., is a professor in knowledge-based management of satellite and high bandwidth telecommunications, integrating decision support techniques and teleconferencing technologies in geographically distributed networks. Mr. Bordetsky will be responsible for the overall network architecture of the system and its application into the satellite and terrestrial networks.

Vice President of WorldWide Sales, Peter Alexander, is a seasoned expert in European and Pacific Rim business. He has spent more than 20 years in business development in these key markets; during the last 5 years he has concentrated on business development activities in the same region. He will oversee the development of business relations with our alliance and service provider partnerships.

Member of the Board of Advisors, Edward S.K. Chen, P.E. Ph.D., is founder of several PCS companies. He has gained expertise in wireless PCS, intelligent networks, broadband access loop systems, network planning, and DSP technology applications. He has been active in both domestic and international standard activities on mobile communications and personal communications, including TIA Wireless Communications Division, its Sections, technical committees and subcommittees, ITU Task Group 8/1 and ITU-T Study Group 11.

Member of the Board of Advisors, Charles P. Mason has more than 20 years experience in telecommunications as a communications attorney and an international business consultant and entrepreneur. He specializes in strategic ventures and licensing and bidding strategies in cellular, PCS, CT2, PCN and large data networks.

Member of the Board of Advisors, Lawrence Liang has more than 25 years of computer industry experience. Mr. Liang worked for IBM for 15 years where he held several technology positions. In 1982, he co-founded Cogito Systems Corporation and Genoa Systems Corporation. While at Genoa, Mr. Liang served as Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and President.