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Implement  a market-oriented business strategy?
Structure marketing channels based on customer needs?
Construct competitive value propositions?     
Ensure that my business operates flawlessly?

TransGlobalNet TGN's Strategic Management Process

Strategic Management should hold a prominent position within your company and constantly be judged and tested. Strategic Management enables companies to achieve strategic competitiveness and earn above-average returns. Research indicates that companies that engage in strategic management generally outperform those that do not. The attainment of an appropriate match or fit between a company's environment and its strategy, structure, and processes has positive effects on the company's performance. It should be clear that the job of management is one of continuous planning, execution, and control. Each strategy must be successful. If it is not, the decision-maker must modify that strategy during the execution stage, or develop a new one.

Conceptual Queuing (CQ)
: A TransGlobalNet TGN methodology and process that defines the client's operating environment and executes a total systems approach which achieves the client's profit and growth objectives. The strategic management process: Situation Analysis, Strategy Method, and Strategy Result are key interlinked elements in TGN's approach.

The Development and Implementation of the Conceptual Queuing (CQ) Business Solutions Model includes:

Exploring the political, economic, and client's markets.
Developing Management Strategies specific to localization and globalization.
Launching a successful Global Business Strategy to achieve revenue goals.
Amplifying successful and sustainable Business Partnerships.
Creating Competitive Advantages through timely strategic insights.

We wish to emphasize that where the Strategic Management is implemented, it has led to substantial changes in the business process and often with significantly better results. The marketing concept provides the total systems direction that every organization needs. The CQ
process provides the total system direction. In a Business-driven organization, all planning is done with selected target markets in mind. Every aspect of the enterprise is integrated to work together to accomplish the company's vision, mission, and objectives.

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